Such a glamorous wedding

Rachael and Jonathan at a Alfred I. Dupont Building Wedding

Rachael and Jonathan had been friends for many years before becoming a couple. Until three years before their Alfred I. Dupont Building Wedding it had only been a strong friendship as they were both in other relationships, but at some point they couldn’t hide their feelings for each other and let it happen…

When they first visited the Alfred I. Dupont Building they both immediately fell in love with this venue: the soaring ceilings, the marble floors, the brass elevator doors and gates and the two bank vaults, what a unique venue and perfect space for a glamorous wedding!

Rachel and Jonathan managed to impress all of their guests with their taste and style. Have a look at the gold candelabras and all the details placed on the dinning tables, the Ballroom looked spectacular! Congratulations for this incredibly successful Alfred I. Dupont Building Wedding!


Photography: Stephan for Maloman Studios

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