A very sweet love story

Jacqueline and John at a Alfred I. Dupont Building Wedding

Jacqueline and John met at the University of Miami, when they were 22. They used to sit next to each other in some courses, but not exchange more then a few words and some glances as they were both a bit shy. A couple of years after their graduation they randomly met in an Uber and recognized each other! This time they would not let the opportunity go and got each others phone numbers. Their beautiful Alfred I. Dupont Wedding was three years later.

This venue is a very special one, it’s a stunning Art Deco skyscraper with a long history behind it. It served as headquarters to the 7th Naval fleet in World War II before it got restored. Today it hosts all type of parties in the 22,000 glorious feet of event space lined with Tennessee marble. With its soaring ceilings and bas relied elevator doors this venue provides a dramatic backdrop.

We love the red rose petals Jacqueline and John spread over the cocktail and dinning tables! It was a fairytale Alfred I. Dupont Wedding!


Photography: Erika Delgado

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