A wedding full of personal touches

Justin and Mary at a Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Wedding

Justin and Mary’s Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Wedding was stunning! We love the rustic table set up and the flowery decoration for the ceremony. Mary even got to design her aisle and it’s fitted perfectly in the backdrop of the Botanical Gardens.

Justin and Mary added lots details to make their wedding more personal and unique and unforgettable for their guests: They had a photo booth that featured props form the couples competing schools: Justin played football for Auburn and Mary was a cheerleader for the Gators! For the bridesmaids, Mary had prepared a little present: they were all given custom feather head adornments to wear on the wedding. Guests could find their placecards strung along a branch style entryway that featured back and white photos of Justin and Mary growing up. And our favorite one: Justin build a custom wagon decorated with blue flowers and lined with the underlay from the dining tables, so the couples two dogs could be driven down the aisle! The ‘Here comes the bride’ could not be missing on that wagon.

For the cocktail hour, Justin and Mary hired a Spanish guitarist who, combined with the dimly lit bulb string, built up the atmosphere. The guests loved this wedding! While listening to some good music they were served delicious hors d’ouvres just before dinner which ended with a gourmet cupcake stand.

What an amazing Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Wedding!

And if you love backless dresses… have a look at Mary’s stunning dress!


Photography: Justin and Mary

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