A very colorful wedding

Laura and Willy at a Bonnet House Wedding

Laura and Willy had been together for two years before the day of their Bonnet House Wedding. They met at a party on the Virgin Islands and spend the hole night talking and laughing until they saw the sun rise on the beach. It was a magical night and non of them wanted it to end. So, as both were from Fort Lauderdale they started dating once they came back and completely fell in love with each other. And guess where they are going for their honeymoon after the wedding? They want to recreate that romantic night. 

Have a look at those beautiful wedding pictures! Laura wanted her favorite color to be present during the hole wedding and the palette of bright purples matched just perfectly with the yellow tones of the Bonnet House. They gave their wedding a rustic touch combining intertwined tree branches with bright purple flowers as decoration for the tables and for the aisle. The palms and the rest of the tropical vegetation were the perfect backdrop for their wedding.

It turned out a wonderful Bonnet House Wedding!

Photography: Lindsey K

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