Have a look at these cute wedding ideas

Miranda and Aj at a Douglas Entrance Wedding

What a beautiful and colorful Douglas Entrance Wedding! Have a look at the pictures to see the gorgeous decoration Miranda and Aj chose for their reception location! What an amazing set up! The couple gave their wedding a personal touch adding some cute details as flip-flops in different colors and sizes for when their guests’ feet would hurt, so that they could continue dancing and enjoying the party. We love the cute little champagne bottles every guest became with the label of their wedding date, their names and a different quote about love and life on every bottle, Miranda and Aj had chose themselves.

Miranda and Aj lived in the same neighborhood when they were going to college. They used to walk their dogs in the same park every morning but would just greet with a smile and a shy good morning. Two years after leaving college they met at a party, started a conversation and talked about everything they had not done during those years they were neighbors. It was the beginning of their shared paths, and four years before their Douglas Entrance Wedding!


Photography: Miami Photo

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