An eye-candy wedding from first to last

Molly and Graeme at a Cruz Building Wedding

This Cruz Building wedding was lovely! Molly and Graeme fell in love with the venue from the first moment on: the majestic marble staircases, the romantic interior balconies and the glistering crystal chandeliers. It had the perfect elegant and dramatic atmosphere Molly and Graeme were looking for. Matching with the colors of the venue they chose red flowers and red linens for the tables, it looked spectacular! Have a look at Molly’s classy gown, we love it!

Our favorite part was when Molly was walking down those majestic stairs, Graeme was waiting downstairs, at the end of the aisle with a big smile. Everyone could feel the love between them, both were shining.

Congratulations for this stunning Cruz Building wedding!


Photography: Shipra Panosian


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