A unique wedding in a unique venue

Sam and Angel at a Cruz Building Wedding

Sam and Angel met at a Restaurant in Miami 4 years before their Cruz Building Wedding, this Restaurant called Lulu is and it’s probably going to stay their favorite restaurant for the rest of their lives.

They chose the stunning Cruz Building as their wedding location, a very special and unique venue! You are not going to find something similar in Miami. The glamorous 3 levels are adorned with soaring atrium ceilings and monumental stained-glass windows. Every floor is a bit different and has something special, like the giant mirror in a golden frame on the third level.

Moving through the Cruz Building gave Sam and Angel’s wedding a smooth flow: it all started with the ceremony and cocktail hour on the first floor; dinner and speeches were held on the second level and the hole event ended on the third floor with the dessert and the dancing!

Congratulations for this amazing Cruz Building Wedding!


Photography: Pogo Photo

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