A butterfly release as the peak of the ceremony

Samantha and James at a Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Wedding

How it all began… Samantha and James met through Samantha’s friend Jill, who used to be James’ roommate at that time. Jill invited Samantha over for dinner, wine and long conversations very now and then. The evening would always end with the three of them playing cards and having deep conversations. It was the start of their beautiful love story, of which their Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Wedding was definitely a highlight.

Samantha and James had envisioned a modern whimsy wedding, so they chose silver and white for the table set up and added some color with beautiful purple orchids, which were not only chosen for esthetic reasons but mainly because of a personal one: they were blooming in their backyard the night James purposed. Their Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Wedding was full of personal touches and special moments: Samantha and James incorporated both catholic and Jewish traditions into the ceremony as they are both from different religious backgrounds. But our favorite moment was the butterfly release, a native american tradition that says that if you want your wish to come true, you have to whisper it to a butterfly and release her, so she can carry it to the heavens.

A band was playing chilled music in the background while the guests enjoyed a delicious dinner that ended with an amazing square vanilla and key lime wedding cake. Another highlight was the ice cream bar and the cotton candy station that served liquor pipettes in the adult versions, what a great idea for sweets lovers!

The hole event turned out amazing, everyone had a great time and Samantha and James were more than satisfied as they had achieved the wedding of their dreams!


Photography: Brittany Anderson

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