Romantic, intimate, simple and classic

Sandy & Qaisar at a Spanish Monastery Wedding

Sandy and Qaisar met at a student party during their time in college. They liked each other from the first moment on, but it took a while until they started dating as Qaisar was very shy and they both went away for summer vacation a few days after that party. Both spend those holidays constantly thinking about each other and met again when they came back. They went on a few dates and got to know each other well. Sandy & Qaisar say they confirm the rule that opposites attract each other, as they are completely different.

Qaisar purposed in a very romantic way: after asking Sandy’s dad for permission he spread rose petals all over their bed spelling out “Will you marry me?”. With tears in her eyes Sandy was the happiest person and could barely say yes from all the excitement.

Their Spanish Monastery wedding was traditional and intimate as they had envisioned. Sandy and Qaisar kept the decoration simple to appreciate the ancient appeal of the historic Spanish Monastery and the surrounding garden.

One of the weddings highlight was a string violin group playing modern music as Maroon 5, the Beatles and Reg Hot Cili Peppers. Later, after the reception Vision DJs took care of the entertainment. Everyone, from Sandy’s little nephew to Qaisar’s grandfather danced until the end.

Such successful Spanish Monastery wedding!


Photography: Evan Rich

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