Some words from the brides side…

Tyler and Veronica at a Comber Hall Wedding


Tyler and Veronicas story began when they met in college. They started dating at the age of 20 and spent nine years together as a couple before the day of their wedding.

The ceremony was held in Church of the Little Flower. Veronica and Tyler chose Comber Hall for the reception due to the elegance and the romanticism a Comber Hall wedding offers. This historic building in Coral Gables was the perfect setting for an intimate wedding.

Veronica explains that her favorite moment of the wedding was when she was waiting outside with her dad while the sun was setting. They were in front of the majestic doors from Church of the Little Flower, waiting for them to open, so she could walk down the aisle and meet the guy who was going to be her husband minutes later.

Congratulations Tyler and Veronica, it was a spectacular Comber Hall Wedding!


Photography: Ozzy Garcia

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